The Management

Sophie Gross




Sophie comes with a wide range of experience and education. Her experience runs across the spectrum from sole practitioner to group practice; from hands-on clinical work to multi-state corporate management. Distinguished for her excellence and integrity, she has consistently achieved success. She is AAPC certified in practice management, physician coding, and risk adjustment coding. The scope of her education has enabled her to develop a most comprehensive approach to the complexities of the physician’s practice. As president of the company, Sophie is driven to overcome any obstacle in order to bring in maximum revenue for every client.

Brenda Bamberger


Vice President


Brenda brings top-notch experience to the table. From family practice to facility billing, her expertise spans all payers: Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance. She is recognized as an expert in the field, having mastered the regulations of multiple states. Her brilliance in masterminding innovation revenue cycle processes for a large corporation has allowed her to take on a high-level management position. As vice president of the company, Brenda is the backbone for every process and strategy to ensure maximum collection.